• Do you regularly walk around with a feeling of low-level anger that is ready to blow at any time?
• Do you find that you feel like to victim and end up being the villain and having to apologize for your outburst?
• Do you just lose control and get so angry that you don’t have control over your actions?
• Do you hurt yourself and others in the process?
• Do you alienate people close to you because of your outbursts?
• Do you want to stop and change?

Anger is such an intense emotion; it has adverse effects on your body. When you get angry, your blood pressure rises, your heart rate increases, and this can lead to heart attacks or even cancer.

You push people away when you are always uptight or someone that can lash out at any moment due to uncontrolled rage and that’s why you need to “get a grip on yourself” and deal with the underlying cause for your anger. Knowing that you do that and not being able to control yourself does hurt your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Your anger will follow you everywhere you go and will be detrimental in all aspects of your life. Your work, friendships, family, and health are suffering, and you have to deal with it and eliminate it from your life.

My full Transformational course will address all the underlying causes, and together we will mark out a path for your emotional growth. You will be enabled to live a calm and purposeful life.

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