The one thing all humankind have in common is the quest for happiness. We do all kind of stuff on our path to seek happiness. People go to exotic places to find themselves. We put off being happy for when the kids are grown up, the finances improve or when my spouse treats me better, etc. etc.
All this keeps us from finding actual happiness. Have you ever realized all the things that would give you pleasure are inside of you? You are a creation of pure love.

Love = happiness. 

The feelings of joy that you feel when things fall into place for you, do not come from an external source, it is a feeling that comes from your core. That feeling that bubbles up and makes you laugh out loud sits in your center. You have control over that feeling. When you start feeding your heart with gratitude, appreciation, love, and respect for yourself, that feeling grows like a flower that you water and feed. And before you know it, the feeling stays alive and humming for you to access at any time.

But first, you must start feeding what I call your core. We call it many names: – your soul, your spirit and your subconscious. It is the place where your innermost thoughts live. Most people feel their emotions between their heart and solar plexus. Feed it with appreciation, gratitude, feelings of love for yourself and others and to remember your worth. Yes, your worth. You are worthy. No matter what happened to you and what you did. You remain worthy. Because you cannot be other than honorable, you are a creation so spectacular and amazing. Have you ever stopped to think how amazing your body is? No matter how you mistreat your body, no matter how you bash yourself with negative thoughts, you will survive, and your body recreates itself every day.

You are amazing.

You can choose not to believe this, but I bet you know you are terrific. However, your subconscious is so amazing that it will eventually take notice of your thoughts of self-hatred and neglect and start to tell your body to do what you told it to do.  Your body will shut down and begin to manifest what you think of yourself. That is what your subconscious does. Eventually, it will do what you ask it to do, without a doubt.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to change your thoughts to change your life.

Let me help you

If you feed your core with feelings of love, appreciation, and gratitude for things big and small, you create a sense of wonder, and it makes your focus grow bigger and stronger.
By increasing your core, you become resilient, and your thoughts become calmer and confident. That makes your thoughts less about what happens to you but about what you can do about it.

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