A Transformational Life coach is someone that has the tools and techniques to help you to get your life on track. 

All you need is a desire to change, and you can do it.  Your Coach helps you with your dreams and goals and to achieve them.  You and your coach work on full transformation in all areas of your life, work, spiritual, health, and relationships.  The results are phenomenal.

Take the Leap and find your joy.  You will be happy you finally took the step to make the changes you always wanted to do.  You will have more energy to work smarter instead of harder, live a healthy balanced life and achieve your financial and business goals. With this program, your self-image gets changed on a Subconscious level, which is very powerful, resulting in people changing their behavior towards you immediately.

Your coach Janine Eveleigh is a Transformation Coach, NLP practitioner and a Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner.

Janine work from a place of honesty and acceptance for you and your flaws.  She creates a non-judgmental platform for you to look at your life and your situation and help you to put things in perspective as well as helping you to set achievable goals.

Janine Specialize in Relationship Coaching as well as helping Teenagers with coping mechanisms in today’s social environment, as well as assisting older women with finding a new purpose when her life situation changes. All people that struggle with what life throws at them can benefit from Janine’s coaching.  Make an appointment for a free session to assess if her program is what you want and need.

Take the leap and find your joy!


Let me help you

If you are feeling that you are constantly doing things to sabotage your success, suffer from a low self-esteem,
need a coach that would listen to you in a non-judgmental environment for motivation and achieving your goals
or just want to connect to yourself and find inner peace.

Contact me for a free 30-minute session.